King's College London Islamic Society

What is Charity Week?

In 2000, a young group of brothers and sisters in London decided to come together to try and fulfil the vision of uniting the Muslim youth upon Islam. This led to the birth of the University of London Union Islamic Societies Network (ULU ISoc) – an organisation that would give rise to Charity Week as one of its vehicles for unity. 

After years of delicate discussions and a trial run in 2003 the first official Charity Week was launched in 2004, with almost 20 University Islamic Societies (ISocs) and Islamic Relief supporting this noble venture. A record £30,000 was raised for the first time as a result of organised Muslim student fundraising in London. However, something far more important was ignited: a spirit of unity and activism unparalleled on the student scene.

For the next few years, Charity Week Alhamdulilah grew from strength to strength attracting a multitude of organisations and individuals who were captivated by the vision and its practical implementation. Now over 100 institutions take part on an annual basis with interest from as far afield as Australia and South Africa. Alhamdulilah in the UK alone over £2 million has been raised for orphans and needy children.

What can you do to contribute?

KCL ISoc will be running a series of events during Charity Week in order to raise as much money as possible for orphans and needy children across the globe. Please make every effort to take part in the events! For a full timetable of events running during charity week, follow the Facebook group below.