King's College London Islamic Society

What is ARK?

The Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Project is an initiative that KCL ISoc launched back in 2012. Our aim is to provide students with a platform to serve our community.


ARK comprises of 4 sub-teams that cover areas under which we run a variety of projects throughout the year:


- Gifts for Change
- Outreach

- Neighbours
- Tackling Homelessness


But why?

Doing righteous deeds is at the core of Islam and is stressed upon several times in the Holy Qur'an.


Allah (swt) says:
"Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds - they will have Gardens of Paradise as a lodging." (18:107)



Our Prophets and righteous predecessors practiced righteous good deeds by supporting their community. KCL ISoc is putting belief and knowledge of Islam into practice by manifesting it in actions. Join us and help make a difference!


Follow our Facebook page and stay up to date with projects taking place. You are welcome to share interesting ideas with ARK'ers and help us achieve Paradise together inshaAllah.


Keep up to date with ARK

Gifts for Change

The primary objective of this team is to create innovative platforms to share care packages. This team enables members to creatively innovate in different ideas of gift boxes for a range of recipients: on campus, locally, and internationally.
Previous examples of this includes the Rucksack challenge for children in the Gambia, as well as the Toy Drive for patients at Evelina London Children's Hospital. These gift box campaigns provide the opportunity for unique donations to special causes. We are also aiming to run a collection drive for GCSE books for Love to Learn, an organisation that caters to children from refugee backgrounds.


This team involves academically assisting students, both within KCL and in other universities. The Outreach team helps to develop its members' organisation skills and works with students from underprivileged backgrounds. We aim to further the concept of inclusivity within KCL Muslim students.
Projects currently in progress include helping students from deprived socioeconomic backgrounds through taster days at university, mock MMIs, and Suture the Future - workshops to inspire an interest in medicine.
ARK Academia is a branch within the Outreach team which aims to assist KCL students with their studies. We hold intercalated BSc days, an anatomy lecture series, weekly, OSCE sessions, and mock OSCEs for medical and dental students.


This team focuses on establishing and bettering relationships with those around us, whether it's our neighbours, fellow students, or lecturers.


The Neighbours team runs a variety of events with this intention in mind. Recent campaigns include the #BakeForYourNeighbour and #ShareYourEid trend on social media. Both events invited students and those around them to celebrate the presence of one another. Similarly, the #SweetRelief project involved distributing candy packs across King's campuses during exam periods. We have also organised care home visits with the intention to alleviate loneliness and isolation in the elderly community.


We invite those with a particular vigour for social media events and an interest in establishing better relationships with everyone around us to join our team.


Tackling Homelessness

The team works in conjunction with charities and food banks to ease the plight of homeless Londoners through the collection and donation of clothes, food, and hygiene essentials. We also aim to provide continuous projects for people to get involved with. These include weekly health sessions for the homeless as well as SnackBack, an initiative where we collect food from the Shed and distribute it.
However, the team does not only cater to just the homeless demographic; increased awareness and the education of students regarding urban homelessness remains a key objective for this team.
This team specifically offers a platform for students who have a passionate and enthusiastic attitude towards relieving inequality and spreading awareness of homelessness, as well as directly interacting and befriending members of London's homeless community.
Our Tackling Homelessness Project was featured in The Huffington Post in an article written by one of our previous Student Affairs Officers, Faisel Alam.